How often should I groom and bathe my pet?

How often should I groom my pet?

A question that has labored pet parents since the invention of the wheel. A question with an answer so elusive, scholars have thrown in the towel trying to unravel the mystery.

But we are Trinkets Pet Store Kenya – we know the answer to this question. Our intellect and genius generate gravity and with it, we have attracted the answer which now gravitates around us. We will reveal it to you.

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Here it is…

The answer to the question in the title is…


Yes, you should groom and bathe your pet. The interval is a very subjective decision affected by a number of factors:

If your dog, for example, lives in a tiled, carpeted and cushioned environment – lucky dog – cleaning him or her every other time seems a tad much. But if your dog has access to muddy terrain, puddles and murky squatters: oh yeah, you’re gonna be cleaning your dog every week.

My veterinary self and my “on the ground where things are different” self are often at loggerheads on this matter. 

There are natural oils produced by the skin to keep the fur strands healthy, just like in humans, that if frequently washed away will lead to weak hair strands and eventual frequent shedding – Overgrooming. 

On the other hand, our pets are adventurous and love to explore. Some of their exploits may be messy while others, not so much; so frequent cleaning makes sense not only for the dog’s dermatological health but also for the cleanliness of the household.

The decision on how often to groom and bathe your dog is based on your specific situation. But this doesn’t mean that you wait for every spot on your pet to be a dirty mess. 

If you wish to have a standard on how often to do this, I do it every 2 weeks on not so muddy days and when need be if the odds of my pet getting dirty are NOT in my favor.

How often should I groom and bathe my pet? YES! 


See you in our next post where we talk about how to clean your pet’s ears Safely.

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