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Discover our New Pet Owner’s Checklist! This comprehensive guide covers health, nutrition and comfort, ensuring your new pet thrives. Enjoy organized, stress-free pet care with essential tips and must-have items. Start your pet ownership journey confidently and give your companion the best care possible!

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Excellent customer experience, attention to detail and personalized service. Happy to recommend. Knock on this door and expect to be well served

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I love good customer service and communication, so I’d definitely recommend them

Stephanie Boy - Trinkets Pet Parent of the year 2021

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Yes! With a little bit of kitten and puppy essentials as well. 

This guide gives you what to do in preparation before your pet joins the household as well as additions you can incorporate as you evolve in your pet parenthood journey. All you have o do is tock the boxes as you go along!

Definitely! You can reach out to us via WhatsApp at 0728280351 and/or via our email address at trinketspetstore@gmail.com should you need any advice. For the items in the list, you can check out our “pet owners’ essentials” catalogue¬† on our website to get them at slashed prices. You can also book a veterinarian’s consultation via our website: trinketspetstoreke.com

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