Pet Grooming! Detangling the myths and misconceptions.

On this article, we will be handling the essentials for grooming your pets at home from what you need to have to what you need to know so that YOU, as a proud member of our Trinkets Furmily, will stand out from the pack with your furry best friend.
pet being groomed

Grooming Tools – Do I really need them?

The tools:

  • A grooming brush – double sided for both short and long coat pets.
  • A bath brush – to scrub away the extra grime from your pet’s skin and paws
  • A detangling comb – to get rid of the tangled, Bob Marley-esque Rastas forming behind the ears, on the belly and neat the hind legs.
  • Shampoo – And not just any shampoo on the market. One that is anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal, Anti-seborrheic while at the same time serves as a cleanser for your pet’s skin.
  • Conditioner – to brighten up your pet’s fur and keep their fur strands healthy.
  • Cologne – to make your pet smell like a million bucks after drying up – I mean, you are a Trinkets Pet Parent after all right?

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